Irrigation Technical Services has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of irrigation water management systems. Irrigation Technical Services, Inc. has established a synergy that combines all of the elements of water management software, hardware and communication devices; large pump station design, operation, service and installation; repair of every facet of the irrigation system including two-wire decoder components. As the service division for Newberg Irrigation, ITS is positioned to provide ongoing care and support for some of the most robust irrigation systems in existence. From maintenance and repair to water management, including variance acquisition and water use permits, ITS possesses the talent and experience to keep your investment in perfect working order for years to come.


Design, installation, maintenance for reclaimed, recycled storm water & low volume drip.

New and annual backflow preventer testing, certification, repairs and freeze protection.

Knowing the state of your irrigation system enables decision making in budgets and prioritization for repairs and upgrades.  Irrigation Technical Services uses state of the art equipment to provide accurate, viable data to help you make these decisions.  Audits begin with source and valve locations (which are placed on a permanent, GPS coordinated map) and continue with coverage areas, deficiencies and recommendations.  With ITS audits, you are armed with the knowledge you need to protect your landscape investments.

Irrigation Technical Services offers preventative maintenance for irrigation systems to ensure that all system components are in proper working order at all times.

Installation, repair and evaluation of suction intakes and wet well structures.

Installation, Repair, Replacement of various pump configurations: Submersible, Vertical Turbines, Centrifugal. Pump Station maintenance, motor starters, logic controls, variable frequency drives (VFD) and rebuilding of conventional (Cla-Val) control valves.

Earth ground testing, installation and service to insure that the equipment conforms to manufacturers standards in order to retain warranty status.

Installation and service of weather stations, moisture sensors, rain sensors, flow and pressure monitoring equipment.

The latest technology available from our manufacturing partners allows us to assist in the programming, communication set up, hardware trouble shooting and management.

Utilizing storm water and reclaimed water when possible.

Service, programming and management of conventional and smart control systems, Central Control software, communications devices (radio, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, hardwire), and two wire decoder systems.

Time and entropy are the greatest enemies of your irrigation system.  Moving parts deteriorate and these failures can compound to create devastating and costly results. Proper investments of energy are the greatest enemies of entropy.  Irrigation Technical Services sources and trains the finest water managers available to restore and/or maintain your investment.  From the source to the smallest distribution point and everything in between, your irrigation system is in good hands with the water managers of ITS.

HOA question and answer sessions outlining water management solutions.

Periodic recording of water consumption data, lake levels and recharge sources available to the owner and submitted to the water authority to fulfill the covenants of the properties water use permit.

Gain 24 hour access to your site data (water consumption, rainfall, lake level, ET, moisture sensor) for planned managed sites.

Remote Monitoring Enables ITS to immediately detect irregularities that could result in the interruption of the irrigation operation, technicians are quickly dispatched to the site to investigate and resolve issues before they become a major problem.

As water becomes less available and more precious as a commodity, it is the duty of all responsible consumers to ensure that landscape water is utilized in the most efficient manner possible. Irrigation Technical Services employs two full time Water Managers to do just that. The right amount of water at the right location at the right time… every time.

  • The right amount: every landscape component has unique consumption requirements
  • The right location: only water at the root zone is utilized by the landscape component
  • The right time: water management districts legislate proper water windows to reduce waste
  • Every time: water management is only as good as its consistency



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