Who We Are

Irrigation Construction has been at the heart of what we do for over 40 years. Newberg Irrigation offers a full range of services that combine our experience with the latest technology and craftmanship. We have set the standard for irrigation by never being too comfortable with the status quo, developing new ideas, and applying those solutions that differentiate us in valuable ways. Our success is attributed to a dedicated workforce that is committed to doing the right thing with uncompromising honesty. These qualities have enabled Newberg Irrigation to build lasting relationships based on honesty, consistency and the highest ethical standards.

  • complete irrigation systems
  • piping from 1/2" to 24"
  • hdpe fusion
  • low volume drip
  • two-wire decoder
  • central control communication
  • weather stations
  • moisture sensors
  • backflow prevention certification
  • AS-build autocad transfer
  • payment/performance bonding



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