Your Complete Guide to Irrigation Systems

November 24, 2020
irrigation system in action

Irrigation System Basics Water: the holy grail, one of the most critical things on this planet. Every living thing needs it, including your lawn. But when was the last time you made sure each square inch of your grass was catered to? Throughout history, the water needed for basic tasks like agriculture, drinking, showering, and so on […]

Irrigation Tool Guide: What is a Soil Moisture Sensor

November 19, 2020
Soil Moisture Sensor for Irrigation

What Does a Soil Moisture Sensor Do? Have you ever been driving during a torrential downpour and noticed someone’s automatic sprinklers drowning their grass and plants in already soaked soil? In Florida, we all have! What they need is a rain sensor. Typically an irrigation controller with a working rain sensor will shut the irrigation […]