Your Complete Guide to Irrigation Systems

irrigation system in action

Irrigation System Basics

Water: the holy grail, one of the most critical things on this planet. Every living thing needs it, including your lawn. But when was the last time you made sure each square inch of your grass was catered to? Throughout history, the water needed for basic tasks like agriculture, drinking, showering, and so on has not always been conveniently accessible. Mother Nature is unpredictable, making it hard for farmers and community members to depend on rain. However, hundreds of years of innovations have led to the convenience of wholly controlled watering events with the creation of irrigation systems

Irrigation systems serve one primary purpose: keeping the grass and foliage on your property alive and vibrant, at minimal inconvenience to you. 

We are going to start with the basics. Utilizing an irrigation system at your business will be extremely beneficial for you and your landscaping! Depending on the type of system installed on your property, there will be different practices, uses, and costs associated with your unit. In the long run, they will all save you time, water, and money.

First and foremost, irrigation systems are going to save you lots of time. The most significant benefit of employing lawn care like an irrigation system is that you will not have to monitor your lawn consistently or plan your watering events around rain and other possible natural events.

Installing a tool like this will keep your yard healthier in more ways than one! While keeping your grass, trees and plants saturated, correctly designed and installed irrigation systems also work to apply the appropriate amount of water. Coupled with devices like the Soil Moisture Sensor, it will prevent turf diseases, mold, and other adverse effects caused by excess moisture, all while conserving tons of water each month. According to National Geographic, around 60% of household water use goes toward garden and yard care, which needs to decrease.

Your efforts will not go unnoticed! With time, the lawn of your dreams will be right in front of your home. The neighbors will gawk just like you imagined, and your wife will be happy with your new savings! A win-win, right? It is time to level up your lawn care.

The Different Types of Irrigation Systems

There is not a singular irrigation system perfect for every situation. The different systems each have their own advantages and downfalls, so it is essential to discuss which type of system would work best for your property with a trained professional, like a Newberg Irrigation Specialist!

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler Irrigation is a traditional and popular irrigation system choice. To mimic rainwater, a sprinkler system uses multiple tools to water your crops or yard in droplets, like natural rainfall.

This easy and convenient method of watering your landscaping can be used in many spaces, regardless of the area’s size, the slope of the space, or the soil type. Sprinklers work in a very straightforward manner. While we always recommend working alongside a professional, it is not necessary for this irrigation system installation.

The even droplet dispersion promoted by the sprinkler head will allow fertilizers and water to hit every part of your greenery. This is still going to conserve water, and it will be promoting the growth of robust produce.

Although this sounds ideal, sprinklers can get pricey. If the cost does not inform your decision, note that this form of irrigation consumes a great deal of energy while not guaranteeing effective water distribution in high winds and other unplanned weather.  Other than those setbacks, as long as clean water is flowing through your sprinklers, you should be good to go!

drip irrigation system
Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation uses a network of pipes and tubes, allowing the nutrients and water that plants need to drop directly onto the roots. One of the most efficient irrigation methods, drip irrigation, manages to minimize evaporation of water and potential weed growth. Drippers work best in rows of plants and trees, keeping only the necessary areas of soil moist.

Catering to each plant, this direct watering system is ultra-efficient because it eliminates outside factors from getting in the way! Wind, weeds, or worse, drip irrigation, is going to protect your plants, trees, and grass.

The intricate system will require expert installation and routine cleaning and care to prevent any pipe blockage. This sought-after irrigation system is costly, but your landscaping will thank you for the investment.


How Much Do Irrigation Systems Cost?

Taking the step to better your landscaping will improve your lifestyle, stack your savings in the long run, and conserve water, helping the entire world. If that does not seal the deal, modernizing with convenient and high-quality appliances and tools, like one of these systems, is also going to keep your property, increasing its value!

The benefits of integrating sprinklers or drip irrigating into your landscaping put the irrigation system cost into perspective. While it seems like you will be spending a pretty penny, the advantages it will provide outweigh the price in years to come. Getting started is the hardest part. Professional installation varies depending on the system, your location, and your property size. 

If you have been looking for the opportunity to design and install an irrigation system reach out to a Newberg professional today!